Renson Algarve Automatic Louvre Pergolas

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Extend the sunshine with Renson® Outdoor Automated Louvre Systems

Manufactured in Belgium, Renson® offer an extensive range of outdoor options including automated louvre panels, ventilation and solar shading products that are perfect for the Australian climate. Shadewell are Melbourne’s Premium Blinds and Awnings Specialist with over 30 years’ experience now have Renson Algarve as part of their extensive product range.

Protect Yourself in Rain or Shine

Renson Algarve stylish and waterproof rooves turns your terrace into a safe haven for all activities. Easy and quiet to operate, the automatic lourve pergolas are the ultimate addition to any home.

Extended Comfort in your Home

Thanks to different options, the terrace can be used from early in the morning until late in the evening. In this way, an additional living space is created. The louvered roof can be provided with lighting. For added convenience throughout the seasons, there’s also a rain and wind sensor.