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We are now pleased to introduce you to our range of curtains. If you are looking for beautiful, high quality and affordable curtains for your home, let our professional experienced and friendly consultants work for you today to provide inspirational ideas that will bring that special room to life and turn your decorating ideas into a reality.

We offer a comprehensive range of custom-made and expertly designed curtains to add style and sophistication to your home. Regardless of budget, Shadewell have the perfect solution.

Triple Punch Pleat / Double Pinch Pleat
This decorative heading is sewn in and of course, depends on the length of your pole. It gives a neatly folded style fall but with a bit of different twist on the top; double-pinch or three-pinch are the most common options, and again you will choose according to the available budget. The effect is elegant, modern and gives a bit of accent to your chosen fabric.

Inverted Pleat
The inverted Pleat os otherwise know as a reverse pleat or box pleat and offers a contemporary look. This curtain style does not stack back as comprehensively as other styles.

Gathered headings are the most basic curtain style of all. A heading tape enables the curtain fabric to be easily gathered into loose pleats.

You will notice this technique very easily; the secret is in evenly spaced waves, which give minimalistic effect in the interior, depending of course of the fabric type and is it a decor or just a regular simple curtain. Our specialist will help you in achieving smooth running of the installation.