Clear PVC Blinds Melbourne

Clear PVC Blinds
Clear PVC Blinds
Clear PVC Blinds

Clear PVC Blinds are designed to maximise the use of your outdoor living area whilst protecting you from wind and rain without disturbing your view.

Clear Blinds are great for adding an extra room onto your home or restaurant and when the blinds aren’t needed anymore, you can easily roll them up so they’re out of sight.

Shadewell offer the very best in Clear PVC blinds Melbourne wide.

Some of the features of our PVC Blinds include:

  • Clear or tinted Japanese premium quality UV stablised premium PVC.
  • Quality Solid PVC reinforced vinyl trim around blind which come in a full colour range. Joins and border trim will be welded (not sewn) so there is no thread to discolour, attract mildew or mould, or even rotting of stitches.
  • Options available for size, method of operation, etc.
  • We can customise the right design for you.
  • Craftsmen designed and manufactured to fit neatly and look attractive.

We offer Ezi Glide Blinds, Zip Track Blinds, Channel Blinds, Clear PVC Blinds, and Cafe Blinds.

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